Function and Objectives of CERT

The recommendations of the NSPSC to the Council of Ahmadu Bello University eventually received some blessing in 1986, when it approved the statutes establishing and renaming CENTECH as the Centre for Energy Research and Training (CERT).  The Statue establishing CERT is called Statute 29 of the laws and statutes of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and the details are contained in Appendix 2a. The contents of statute 29, which state the functions and objectives of the Centre for Energy Research and Training include the following:


Function and Objetives

  • To provide the facilities for training of Nigerians at Graduate and Post Graduate levels in all aspects of energy matters and nuclear technology, in anticipation of the installation of Nuclear Power Plant in the Country.
  • To introduce and develop nuclear instruments, electronics and all associated nuclear devices for peaceful applications
  • To produce radio-isotopes for diverse application
  • To provide routine radiation monitoring services in established laboratories within the country as specified by appropriate decree of the Federal Government on the use and disposal of sources of ionising radiation and radioisotopes, thereby ensuring a safe and wide use of Nuclear Technology.
  • To conduct basic research in Nuclear Science and Technology
  • To conduct basic and applied research in Nuclear Science and Technology with special reference to local problems.
  • To involve cooperation of Nigerian Industries in its research and development
  • To conduct research in energy with particular emphasis on Nuclear Energy.
  • To document all activities, researches and advances in energy matters, nuclear science and technology
  • To provide short courses for other Nigerian Institutions, Government Organizations and the private sector on Energy and Nuclear Technology.
  • To organize high-level study groups, conferences and seminars and participate in such international activities related to Energy Matters, Nuclear Science and Technology.
  • To maintain contact with international research institutions and agencies involved in the peaceful applications of Nuclear Technology and development of Energy Systems.