In Center for Energy Research & Training

Appointment of Coordinator

The Council and Senate of Ahmadu Bello University formally established the Centre for Energy Research and Training (CERT) in September 1986 by approving the statute 29 of the Ahmadu Bello University law.  At the same time a Coordinator in the person of Dr. S. B. Elegba was appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to oversee the activities of of the Centre. During this period the management of academic and research activities of the Centre were carried out through three Sections including Nuclear Science and Technology Section, Material Science and Development Section and Health Physics and Radiation and Biophysics Section.

The Centre developed in so many ways during the tenorship of Dr S. B. Elegba as the Coordinator of the Centre and these developments were captured in the various Annual reports (Progress report, 1989) and any other documents such as the commissioning of the Centre’s permanent site and Commissioning of NIRR-1.  It would be recalled that the initial landmark achievement of producing neutrons from an accelerator head of the Neutron Generator was made during his tenure as the Coordiantor of the Centre.  Other landmark achievements made during this period include capacity building, acquisition of books and journals, utilization of X-ray Flourescence (XRF) technique for elemental analysis, Nuclear Activation Analysis (NAA) using the Neutron Generator and Isotopic Neutron Source.

In addition, the Centre organized and hosted the First National Conference on Nuclear Methods, held in September 2 - 4, 1992. The conference was acknowledged by international experts who attended as a huge success.  The Proceedings of that Conference titled Nuclear methods in National Development has continued to be a reference document for the local and international Scientific community particularly the IAEA.

Technical, Administrative and Junior Staff

There was conscious effort aimed at setting up a small group of technical and administrative staff.  The administrative staff was under headship Mr. Samson Amrakavbo who now has retired from the services of the Ahmadu Bello University. The administrative and junior staff strength then was about twelve persons.  At inception only three technical staff were employed, later, this number rose to five. This resulted in creation of Engineering Maintenance and Development Section. Mr D.A. Yesufu who was a Chief Technologist, was appointed to head this Section.

Appointment of Director

In 1991 a Director was appointed through upgrading of the then Coordinator, Professor Shams Elegba to the position of Director of the Centre. In 1993, the permanent site of the Centre located at Jama’a village adjacent to Area A, ABU staff Quarters was commissioned resulting in final movement of personnel and Research facilities. The Reactor Project was also initiated by signing trilateral agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), China Atomic Energy Board (CAEB) and Nigerian Government.  Also construction works were started for the Research Reactor Building through the PTF intervention.