The Management Organs of the Centre and their Compositions and functions are clearly spelt out in the Statute. These Management Organs include the Board of Governors (BOG) of the Centre, the Professional and Academic Board (P&A Board) and the Director of the Centre. According to the Statue, the Director, who shall be responsible for the work and administration of the Centre shall be an ex-officio Member of all Boards and Committees appointed by the BOG or the P & A Board. Also, the Director shall prepare an estimate of the finance required for the Centre and submit to the BOG through the P & A Board.

The Statue also provides that the report of administrative and research activities of the Centre shall be prepared by the Director of the Centre and after approval by the BOG, the report shall be submitted to Ahmadu Bello University Governing Council annually and at any other time as may be requested by the Council. Furthermore the statute provides for a position of Chief Radiation Safety Officer, CRSO for the University, who shall be the head of Health Physics and Radiation Biophysics Section of the Centre. The Chief Radiation Safety Officer shall directly report all activities related to the production, use and disposal of radionuclides and radiation in the University to the Vice-Chancellor.