Engineering Instrumentation & Design

The Engineering and Instrumentation Design

The Engineering Instrumentation and Design Section EIDS, is relatively new in the Centre. Initially it was involved in the maintenance and repair of nuclear equipment. In order to develop the skill and potentials of personnels, the Section ventured into areas of design, control and operation of nuclear electronic equipment, circuits and modules.

Available Services

  • Service and Maintenance of Liquid Nitrogen plants
  • Service and Maintenance of medical equipment such as Co-60 machines
  • Service and Maintenance of nuclear instruments and radiation measuring system
  • Design and fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Fabrication of machine parts
  • General Equipment maintenance
  • Design and Maintenance of network and computer systems
  • Design and Development of nuclear modules for instrumentation
  • Energy Efficiency Services for industries and other establishments
  • Design and Development of informatics and control systems

  • Available Equipment

  • Standard Electronic laboratory with programmable IC testers and other facilities
  • PCB fabrication facility
  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant
  • Standard mechanical workshop with arc and stainless steel welding facilities, lathe machines, moulding

    (including flat sheets) machines

  • View EIDS Staff

    Lead Machine at CERT Mechanical Workshop

    Production of Liquid Nitrogen in CERT

    Milling Machine