Our Facilities

CERT presently occupies about 10 hectares of land space within Ahmadu Bello University’s vast land and its numerous experimental and research facilities  comprise of NIRR-1 Research Reactor and associated facilities, Tube and Isotopic source based X-ray Fluorescence,  X-ray Diffractometer, Neutron Generator, Liquid Scintillation Counter, Atomic, Flame and UV-Visible  Spectrophotometers, IR Mass Spectrometer, Liquid Nitrogen Plant, numerous X- and Gamma ray Spectrometers, TLD Reader and back up, Alpha Spectrometer, Sample Preparation Laboratories, Electronic and Mechanical workshops, Waste Management Infrastructure, Administrative and Staff Offices.


Physical and Research Facilities

Early manpower development efforts took place at the Department of Physics.  The development of physical and Research facilities started with construction of Material Science and the Neutron Generator Laboratory.  With the allocation of land for the permanent site and appointment of Consultants, the construction work on the permanent site commenced in the early 80s.  The acquisition process of the Nuclear Research Reactor, the major equipment for the programme was truncated when the letter of consent for the acquisition of GA Triga Mark II (1 Megawatt) Research Reactor could not be issued by the Nigerian Government because of the economic situation in the country.


Nevertheless, other pieces of equipment that would have been purchased along with the Reactor were supplied by 1984. The experimental and research facilities that were acquired and installed as at 1986 for teaching and research purposes include:

  • 14 MeV Neutron Generator (NG) and its accessories
  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant, LNP and its accessories
  • PDP 11/34 sub-frame Computer
  • X-ray diffractometer
  • Transmission Electron Microscope, TEM
  • Utra high vacuum machine and the
  • Nuclear Physics teaching Laboratory

Other equipment ordered and being awaited as at 1984 include:

  • Portable gamma ray spectrometer
  • Proton magnetometer
  • Radon detector
  • GM survey meter
  • Seismic Refraction System and
  • Scintillation Counter