Health Physics & Radiation Biophysics

The Health Physics & Radiation Biophysics

The Health Physics and Radiation Biophysics Section (HPRBS) was created in 1987. The research work of HPRBS centres on interaction of radiation with Biological systems. The Section also provides radiation protection services to personnel of the Centre, oil and gas sector, mining sector and other sectors of the national economy

Available Equipment

  • Thermo-luminescence Dosimetry System (TLD)
  • On-site Environmental Monitoring Facilities equipped with HpGe and NaI(Tl)-based spectrometry
  • Air sampling facilities
  • Personnel Radiation Exposure Monitoring systems
  • Gross Alpha and Beta Radiation Measuring System
  • OSL/TL Dating and Dosimetry System
  • Portable Dose Rate Meters and contamination monitors
  • Complete Radioactive Waste management Facility

  • Available Services:

  • Safety Analysis of Radiation sources and establishment
  • Training of Radiation Workers in Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Dose Evaluation
  • Personnel and Workplace Monitoring and Badging
  • Radiological Impact Assessment of the Environment in Mines, Factories and other Establishments where radiation is used
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Evaluation of Radiation Machines
  • Radioactive Waste management
  • Transportation of Radioactive Materials
  • Radioactivity Measurement in Water and other Consumables

  • Application of Radiation in Agriculture, Medicine and other Life Science

  • Optical and Thermo Luminescence Dating of Archeological Material

  • OSL/TL Geochronology of Sediments

  • Retrospective Dosimetry

  • View HPRBS Staff

    Staff operating the gross alpha and beta radiation measuring system

    Radiation Detectors Equipment at CERT.

    Hashaw TLD Reader at CERT.