Reactor Facility

The Reactor

The Nigerian research Reactor-1 (NIRR-1) is a 30KW tank-in-pool nuclear research reactor. It is the first reactor in Nigeria. It was critical at 12.35pm on 3rdFebruary, 2004. NIRR-1 is equipped with state of the art facilities to provide analytical services in the different areas.

Application in:

  • Agriculture Evaluation of nutrient elements in soil and fertilizers.
  • Solid Minerals Qualification and Quantification of elemental composition of Minerals and ores.
  • Petroleum-Industry Characterization of crude oil and petroleum products.
  • Water Resources Study of the levels of toxic, heavy elements in wells, rivers, boreholes and public water supplies.
  • Environment Monitoring of pollution elements in air, water and sediments.
  • Health Monitoring of toxic and essential elements in air, water and sediments
  • Material Science Trace elements in ceramics, electronic encapsulations and silicon wafers.
  • Forensic Science Elemental analysis of hairs, nails, serum, to provide physical evidence at the scene of crime.
  • Art & Archaeology Identification of pottery and mental artefacts through their elemental composition.

  • Education & Training

  • Teaching of Reactor Physics and Nuclear Engineering
  • Training of reactor operators, radiation protection and other officers involved in nuclear regulatory work.

  • Additional Equipment Available

  • HpGe facility equipped with safe of the art computer module for elemental analysis.
  • Nuclear data modelling and computation facilities.